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Will Widespread Wireless Broadband Connections Kill Print Media?

Widespread wireless broadband connections have already started affecting print media in a way and will therefor kill print media after some time. As more people are getting computer literate, more computers and mobile devices are being introduced. This technology trend has resulted in a lot of people getting digitally connected and as far as media is concerned a lot of publications have been posted.

People now prefer reading most of the news, magazines and articles on the internet from any location and this more easier than going to a certain place to buy the hard copy. I believe we all can not deny that getting news from the internet at any time is faster than buying a newspaper and this is an advantage for most people who use the internet for news as it gets to them faster than those who wait for the hard copy to be first published then distributed.

However, some people prefer buying the hard copy as they still believe that it has always been the tradition for getting the press. Some people also prefer storing which ever information in hard copy form so that they can go back and read them for leisure. Considering health related issues , a lot of people have stuck on to print media as there are a lot of diseases involved with the use of computers.

From a basic review at the points stated before I still believe that Widespread wireless broadband connections will kill print media.


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