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Are employers responsible for computer related repititive strain injuries?

Employers are indeed responsible for compute repitive strain injuries which are caused when groups of muscles perform the same actions over and over again. Both employers and employees are aware of these injuries but clearly it won’t take one employee but one employer to change the results concerning these injuries. Employers have a greater hand as compared to employees in the sense that employers are the ones that provide the workers with the computers and therefor providing better computers will do the trick.

This illness is said to be completely avoidable with the right machinery e.g ergonomic  keyboards and so a single employee won’t make this possible for the work place but if a single employer does this will both force and encourage other employers to do the same.

On the other hand employers are not to be blamed for the technology that is being developed and has no doubt became part of our lives. Computers are now a necessity in most industries and employers have to flow with this too so we can’t blame them for something the didn’t create. Employers did not make the common harmful and neither did they make the recommended safer devices expensive.

However I still believe that the employers are responsible for computer related repititive strain injuries as they can possible change the situation but are not doing it.


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